Monday, July 30, 2012

A woe is me post.....

*There is just one more day left in July.  Where has summer gone?  I know we still have August to enjoy, but my mind is whirling in back to school mode.  I might as well do the supply shopping now, and then relax.

* We leave for Nags Head this Saturday. So, so, so needed right now.

* I turned 32.  No one at work remembered, which  kinda sucks when you have maybe 7 coworkers, and there is a birthday calendar on the break room door.  My buddy at work did remember the next day and took me out to lunch which was nice, but I have been down about the whole bday work blow off, and the fact that on my side of the family my parents were the only one who acknowledged by birthday.  I got taken to dinner, by Dave, who then picked a fight with me on the way there, so I didn't enjoy dinner.  Not trying to dog him, just keeping it real.  The fight was all my fault anyways.  Just sucks having a crappy day on a birthday.  Maybe this post will at least make someone else feel better then they have a crappy birthday, or maybe I am the only one this crap happens to.

* My husband got me a kayak which I love.  It was nice to take that out for a ride that evening after a crummy day at work, and what not.

* It was hard to find time to work out in July with swim meet schedules, and I learned I am a better person when I can work out.  I am making it a priority for my sanity, and so future blog posts will be a bit more uplifting.


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Grace said...

This just means next year's birthday will be phenomenal!! Hope you have an awesome time at the beach. We went two weeks ago, and I'm already ready to go back!