Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dry sink redo... and a recap of an estate sale adventure....

Back in February I believe, there was an estate sale across the street.  We ended up with three great furniture pieces from it, as well as a few other small odds and ends.
I talked about the pieces in a previous post.  The first was this cool bluish green piece that sits in my living room.  The paint is crazy looking, but I love it, and it fits in good.

I got the blueish green piece the first day of the sale.  I was one of the first people in the house on day 1 of the 4 day sale, and this is what I grabbed right away.

For the next few days I continued to stalk a pie safe. I saw it daily, and prayed none would grab it until deal day.  Deal day was on a Monday when everything was slashed down.  My loverly husband and mother stood in line as I had to work that day, and grabbed up the pie safe for me.

It sits in our dining room as our wine cabinet.  I put some wine racks on the shelves, and store the wine glasses in there.  Super fun!

Also at this sale, my husband left with a dry sink.  Apparently it was a crazy good deal, and antique ones are really hard to find and expensive.  I wasn't sure what the heck we were were going to do with it, and it sat in the garage for a very long time.... Ok not that long in Giles household project time, but a good 6 months.
It had a lot of scratches on it, and I wasn't crazy about the wood stain finish.  I wanted it painted, and it took me forever to figure out what I wanted.  I also priced local companies that paint furniture, who claimed to be budget friendly, and was quoted between 300-500 to redo this.  I don't think so.  Over the 6 month course Dave and I worked on sanding it. Eventually, Dave primed it for me, and after I took my sweet time, I finally picked out some paint, in a stone grey color.  It cost about $65 to prime, paint, and put new hardware on. When all was said and done.  I have to say this dry sink that I had no clue what to do with, has become one of my favorite pieces in our house.


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