Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

First and foremost- isn't my Rachel so pretty! I finally got around with her comparison of her first day of school this year and her last day of school. Rachel wasn't as pumped about pictures as Laura, so I couldn't get many in the morning. Rachel is pretty much my personality clone, meaning she wants to do, what she wants to do,and can pitch a fit like no other. Anyways, when the girls go to school I like them to dress well. I don't mean they have to dress up every freaking day. I know they are going to get dirty playing, etc. But I don't want them to think it's acceptable to wear short shorts, or teeny tank tops to school. Rachel wanted to wear some daisy dukes and one of Emily's tank tops which showed her belly. Not happening. I compromised with another pair of shorts and a tank top, but she wasn't pleased. I know they are just children, but how you dress really is important, and it drives me insane what people wear to school in the public school systems. When you are put together you act better, sit up taller, etc. Ok so end of my clothing rant. I am a product of strict dress codes in private schools, but yeah I had my moments of semi inappropriate items myself as well at times, and well it didn't do any favors for me. The kids can dress like they want at home and when they are playing, but in school they need to dress nicely. To be honest, the world judges people by how they look. It may not be right, but I can promise you it's just a fact of life. Ok end of my clothing rant. And I have probably cursed myself, and I foresee my daughters all having lip rings in 10 years or so now.

So moving on June Goals:
I actually sat down and thought about these at work on break Tuesday, so hopefully I will be more driven to follow through on them this month.

1. lose 5lbs this month. Weight loss continues to an ongoing goal. According to the BMI charts I am in a normal weight range for my height, and I originally said I would stop at where I am at now, but I want to keep pushing myself. To be honest I will probably stop with the aggressiveness and work on maintaining once I lose a total of 13 more. But I can't really say that until I get there and see how I look and feel. I also worry that my perception is just skewed in general with my past eatting issues of when I was skin and bones, and felt like a cow. And considering I became a fat cow for real in 2004, the whole thing is a thin red line with me.

2. Clean out make up drawer. My make up drawer and makeup bag in our bathroom is out of control. I need to toss, organize, and actually buy a few new things I am out of. Easy peasy.

3. Tackle the garage. Sigh....story of my life. I do have a desk in there I am going to try to refinish, but the rest is Dave mess. I am planning to do this on my own, without him there to freak out on me, as I am a tosser. I don't throw away good stuff, I know what are tools, I am not dumb. I actually made an attempt on throwing out some stupid TV Dave has been trying to fix FOR 6 MONTHS, that mind you he hasn't touched in 5.5 months. We have a neighbor who basically only comes home a few times a year, so I grabbed their trash can and attempted to shove it in there. It was heavy as crap, and I about killed myself, and it would not fit no matter how much I banged and pushed on it. So sadly I had to tote the garage can back empty, and put it back and I am going to pretend I didn't touch it for now. I was going to use the neighbors can so it would take him longer to figure out. lol I have to come up with a plan b now.

4. Read two books. Finish the one in my sidebar, and then read the next book club pick for the month of June.

5. Purchase towel rack for upstairs bathroom. Didn't complete that last month, and it really needs to get done.



Jenny said...

You have the energy of a 5 year old-I dont know how you do it all! So proud of you and your weight loss-you go girl! And, yes, Rachel is absolutely beautiful. When I "met" you she was so little and no she looks all grown up!

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Totally agree on the clothes for school! And I'm so impressed with your weight look awesome in your fb pictures! I'm jealous! :)