Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 15 a day later...

Yesterday I was thankful I was able to get my family Christmas Town tickets to Busch Gardens.  The last two years I was able to score some for $5 during special deals, but this year they announced they would not have that, and the best deal was a buy one for half off get one free (still a great deal).  It was a limited offer on Wednesday, and I tried for hours, but their website was wonky and wouldn't complete my order.  I was sad as with a family of 5 I don't feel like it's wise spending a lot on an outing that close to Christmas at full price, especially since mine usually only last an hour or two outside in the cold there.

Luckily the next day they extended the offer and I was able to get out tickets!  I know we will have a great time together as a family!

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