Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I have seriously become quite lazy with my blogging, but it's just been so hard to find any free time anymore.  So what's been going on with me?  Well let me tell ya.
* Preschool is done with my youngest two kiddos for the year, and my oldest is finishing up Kindergarten this week.  We have been to 1,000,000 end of year parties, spent a crazy amount on end of teacher gifts, teacher appreciation, food for cookout, etc
*We had a Memorial Day cook out at our house, have spent a lot of time at the pool, and gone to a local beach when able
*I completed all of my Junior League requirements this year by the skin of my teeth.  I am pretty sure I am taking the next year off from it, but I have not put in my leave of absence request as I kinda want to see what committee I get put on for next year first.
*I signed the girls up for swim team and had to deal with learning the ropes of how expensive swimming can be.  The team fee isn't bad, but they getcha on the spirit wear and the team swim suits.  Just an FYI if your not aware, competitive swim suits even for a freaking 5 and 6 year old cost $59 a pop.  I tried hard to find someone who out grew theirs, but I was unlucky, so I bit the bullet and bought two this week for my girls.  I had to act fast as they have pictures next week, so I didn't exactly have much time.  I was horrified to find out today though, that apparently the coach for the team is going to cut some kids from their age division that are the weaker swimmers, and if my two are cut God after said bathing suit purchases and the swim shop won't get my money back, I am going to be one irate momma.   I could care less if my kids got cut, (they are so young I doubt it would bother them more then 10 minutes) BUT at the beginning of the season the coach said they take everyone, and we paid all the fees and already signed up to volunteer at the meets etc.  It's never cool to go back on your word.
* I recently signed up to be a 31 consultant.  I had a party 4 years ago from a lady just starting out.  I fell in love with the products and almost started selling it then (I could kick myself for not), but I was 9 months pregnant, with kiddo number 3 and didn't want to take on anything else.  Anyways, I still love the products, and I would give it a try, and if nothing else I will earn possibly some free product, and get a discount on what I like to buy.  We shall see....I don't want to become one of those pushy people bugging people to have parties that's for sure.


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