Sunday, February 24, 2013

The older babies turn 6 and 7!

Some how the years have flown by and I am now the mother of a 7 year old, 6 year old and a 4 year old.  It seems just like yesterday I had three under three.  I have survived thus far...but you know what.  I am sooo lucky and blessed.  These girls are amazing.  Sure sometimes they do things that drive me batty, but they are good kids.

So Laura turned 7 on February 6th.  We had a family party, and she asked for a heart shaped cake, which I attempted to carve.  She seemed happy with it, hey, that's all that matters =)  She asked for some items for baseball which starts up soon, and one of those nice Speedo swim bags.  She also got a few charms for her Pandora charm bracelet, and a pearl for her add a pearl bracelet.

Before Rachel's actual birthday, which was the 23rd, we had a friend party for Laura and Rachel's buddies.  They had some family friends, and some school friends come, and we had a party at the Ft. Eustis Aquatic center.  This went very well.  You don't have to be military to book it, it's extremely affordable (seriously the cheapest I have gotten away with in years), and it's like a mini water park inside.
We just had Rachel's family party yesterday on her real birthday.  She is now 6, and Rachel takes her birthday very seriously.  She wanted to be in charge of the entire day, and referred to herself in 3rd person all day ("the birthday girl wants to...") It was a riot.  She asked for a high school musical cake, so I printed a picture of the HS musical people and a picture of Rachel, laminated it, and then attached tooth picks to the back.

Rachel asked for pretty much everything Laura asked for, so she got a swim bag, some baseball things, etc etc.   We had a early birthday party with family, and then later on she wanted to go back to a paint your own pottery place in Port Warwick.  We just went to a birthday party there last weekend, so the girls go to pick up what they painted then, and they sat down and painted bowls that they want to use for their morning cereal.  The girls love going there, it is fun, but I feel like I need a Xanax the whole time as I am afraid something is going to break the whole time.

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