Monday, October 15, 2012

Vinyl obsessed...

I have been having way to much fun with vinyl.  The theme of my weekend was vinyl projects...I did stop to have some fun with my family.  Dave and I had a nice date night, and had dinner and a movie, the girls had a tball game and a play date, and we went to a birthday party.  In between though I stayed busy... Here is what I made:

I wanted to do one of those cool glass blocks, and I came across them at AC Moore.  We have an AC Moore where Ben Franklin's used to be.  I had not been there until this Saturday, and OH MY GOODNESS!  This place puts Michael's to shame.  They have the glass blocks, the nice rolls of mesh that you can make wreaths with in a slew of colors, and just a bunch of the great craft stuff.  I could have spent forever in there!

So anyways, I cut out this design and put it on the glass block, shoved a strand of Christmas lights in there.  I think it's adorable!

 In preparation of movie night at the girls school next week, I decided to decorate my beverage dispenser for the movie theme.  I think it turned out cute, and the kiddos will like it.  It peels right off, so when movie night is over, I will just rip off and throw away.
My sister gave me her large pool tub that she puts beach towels, and what not in.  I added the words, and stuck some flip flops on there and called it a day =)