Saturday, September 8, 2012

Emily's 4th birthday party

Summer is over and school has started.  The last weekend the pool was open we celebrated Emily's birthday early with family and friends, as Emily begged for a pool party.  It went well. I made cupcakes for the kids, attempted a cake two times, but had "issues" so bought a cake for the grownups.  We grilled burgers and dogs and just hung out. She had a great day, and I think everyone had a good time.  I made "ocean water punch", and Dave and I made the cute little Mermaid sign for a decoration.  On her actual birthday we will do something as a family :).



Jamie said...

where did you get those buckets? and what does the sign say? This is sooooooooo cute!!! Love it!

Mom of Three said...

I got the buckets at Target earlier this summer in the dollar spot, and the sign says, Mermaid play here =)

Jamie said...

I love it!