Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's that time....

Back to school shopping time is upon us... Well, school isn't starting tomorrow, but it's around the corner. Laura will wear uniforms this year, and she's about set. I did pick up some tops as Gymboree had their uniform line crazy cheap, like Walmart cheap, and I had a coupon. I do need to get started on Rachel and Emily, and well just fall clothes in general for Laura too. The Virginia tax free shopping event will be starting soon on back to school items as well, and I plan on taking advantage of that since most stores also run specials.

Above is a pictures from Gymborree on some items I am loving!


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Lisa said...

I'm always telling people that Gymbo is walmart cheap when they have a sale AND you have a coupon! I went a little nuts on the leggings. Love the boots too but I only ever get shoes when they're in the sale bin and dirt cheap.